5 de septiembre de 2013

Bobak Ferdowsi "The Mohawk Guy": Bio. Why is he so famous?

The August 5th, 2012, was a very important day astronomically speaking due to the Curiosity's landing in the surface of the "red planet", Mars; the most important rover nowadays. But, taking away the celebrations and this good moment for our lifes, from that day the world will remember a peculiar image:

Internet called him the "Mohawk Guy" due to his curious haircut. This "guy" is Bobak Ferdowsi,  american of persian origin, who is 33 years old. Right now he works as a system engineer of the NASA's JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory). Also he is the Flight Director of the Curiosity rover. Years ago he was unknown but he became famous last year during the Curiosity Landing when he celebrated the succesfull arrival of the rover to the red planet with a mohawk haircut. Bobak chased his child dream: to work as an engineer in NASA, thanks to the Aerospatial Engineering career that he studied. 

The curiosity is that, this astronomer changes his haircut in every mision, sometimes only the haircut or sometimes only the hair colour, but he doesn't pick it, it's a task of his astronomers' team. He says this is for let people to see that NASA can have all kind of styles, faces and "looks", perfectly polite and also casual. He also says that he does it for every great event, picking "sci-fi" styles. He thinks scientists (including, of course, NASA) are not based on stereotypes. 

This image and this astronomer became so popular and trendy in the Internet and originating a "Meme" about him and his peculiar appearance. In short time this network phenomenon became trending topic and appeared in the news from all around the world. He became famous and growed with no limit from a few followrs to sixty thousand followers only in Twitter (@Tweetsoutloud), in a tweet he said: "Internet, you win this round. I'll be back later, but thanks so much. Now going to celebrate with all my friends and team", talking about the famous he was that days.

Such was the importance of the "Mohawk Guy" that the President of the United States, Barack Obama, joked about his Mohawk style: "I also thought about cutting my hair like him, but my team desagrees. Now that he has a marriage propposal and he has gained thousand followers, I'll ask them again to see if it makes sense". But this words weren't the last that Barack said. Let's see:

On February 12th, Michelle Obama invited Bobak ("The Mohawk Guy") to the State Union, when he met the First Lady, also showing a new haircut as he always do in the great events, this time with patriotic motif. He, in one interview, said that, in the moment when Michelle telephoned him she was driving his car and it was so surprising, even he stopped the car. He also says that he received a lot of messages from all his friends and mates. He concludes: "The Mohawk style was prepared in advance, no one but me decided it and people in the street doesn't know who I am. Maybe they think I'm a extrange guy".

Well, this is the recent history of the "Mohawk Guy", a trendy System Engineer that became popular last year, the example that a scientist can be "cool", famous and work in NASA.

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